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Cork Yoga Mat


If you’re looking for a beautiful cork yoga mat, then look no further! Inscribed on it, from top-center to bottom-center, are chakra insignias, brought to life with pastel colors traditionally associated with each coinciding chakra.

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A Natural Cork Yoga Mat for Easy Upkeep


Cork Yoga Mats Get Grippier When it Matters Most

Cork mats are ideal for serious practitioners. Unlike PVC mats, yoga cork mats repel hair, dust, and other particles from its surface, insulates your body temperature, does not get slick when sweat enters the equation, and it’s durable.

Why Cork?

  • Cork has micro-holes that keep sweat from gathering on your mat and making you slip. Cork provides a way to actually have more grip with wet because of its secretion of suberin.
  • Cork is antimicrobial, meaning it eliminates bacteria, germs, and even lingering smells almost on its own.
  • Cork allows the cork yoga mat to be surprisingly lightweight.
  • Zero plastic smells
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing is free of solvents and toxic glues and made with energy-efficient manufacturing



Nature Cork & TPE


183 cm x 68cm


5 mm





Waterproof and Anti-slip



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Additional information

Weight 80 oz

Chakra Design, Lined, plain

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