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Cork Yoga Block


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Cork Yoga Block

Made with 100% Cork Wood


(1) 100% cork, a yoga prop meant to encourage proper form in learning and embellishing yoga postures.

(2) Yoga block is an auxiliary tool for beginners and inflexible practitioners.

(3) It can help us to adjust our gestures to accomplish some movements.

(4) Helps to avoid part of the body tension because of your stiffness

(5) This tool will take any part of your body as a stretching aid.


Size: About 23 x 15 x 8cm

Weight: About 900g

Packing List: Cork Wood Yoga Block


high density anti-skid cork yoga block

(1) Adjusting yoga postures to encourage proper form from the very beginning.

(2) This prop also aids in strengthening your body’s flexibility.

(3) It helps newer yogis leverage additional fulcrum points to achieve postures that might not be reachable without assistance.



cork yoga block

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