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The Beginning: Why I like Yoga

Glow Hot Yoga – Hunting Beach – Long Beach – Seal Beach – Los Angeles

Yoga was introduced to me when I was in my first year of college. I was only 17 years old and I had broken 8 bones throughout my body over the span of my life so far.

Without going into too much detail my body was very minimally flexible and I was looking for a way to change this. I eased my way into doing each pose very slowly. I deepened each pose as I practiced consistently and often. I started with the very basics like downward dog, forward fold, tree pose, Upward-Facing Dog and more.

I had modifications for each pose and took weeks to be able to do them confidently. My initial reaction was gaining confidence within the first few months. I knew this would be a passion of mine immediately!

I fell in love with yoga and the way I felt as I  grew with each session. I thoroughly enjoyed the connection to each accomplishment of each pose, the strength I was building throughout my body with each accomplishment, and my mental mindset throughout the day as I built my practice.

I didn’t let the fact of not being able to complete a pose exactly as an experienced yogi can. I knew my own practice and journey was just starting and didn’t judge myself for not keeping up with my flexibility.

Each time either in the morning or at night my yoga session makes me energized, feeling good, relaxed, confident, strong, and clear-minded. Yoga makes me feel ready for anything. Being in the present moment makes my connection to each pose so much more powerful.

I have noticed a difference in my mindset the most as I stay in the present moment throughout my normal daily life I am able to apply patience, clarity to problem-solving, and aware more of my physical needs. Applying yoga’s philosophies and beliefs have been a huge factor of positive change in my life. 

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